This is our 97 Ford F250 Powerstroke Diesel. The engine is a 444 cubic inch V8 turbo diesel made by International. It is a 4 door and we use this for our family vehicle and vacations. The truck has over 166,000 miles on it and with the help of Biodiesel, should go another 200,000! Diesel engines last forever! UPDATE 1/2008 Getting closer to the 200k mark! Now have 192,000 miles on the truck and its doing great! Still going strong on homemade Biodeisel.

Update 2/2012 The truck now has 248K miles on it and doing great, well besides the standard Ford rust! I think the truck will fall off the frame before the engine gives out. I replaced the main fuel line on top of the engine with a custom made Parker Low Permeation hose, no more fuel weeping through the factory hose material. I have had to repair a fuel pressure regulator leak several times since the last update. The seal design of the regulator makes it difficult to make them Biodiesel Proof. But repairing a small fuel leak once a year is worth it to me!

This is the 97 again. We outfitted it with a 110 gallon auxiliary tank. Getting that big of a tank in there was no easy task. The truck is a short bed and no one made a tank that large for a 6' bed. We had to cut "pockets" into the front of the fender wells but the effort was worth it! The tank is plumbed through a heated filter and then into the stock fuel system just ahead of the stock selector switch. The truck also has two factory tanks on it. Our total fuel capacity is about 145 gallons. Which equates to about 2,000 miles of driving between fill ups!

Update. A while back I added a Hot Fox heated fuel pickup to the aux tank. This allows me to run as high of a percentage of Biodiesel as possible in the winter. Most times a full 100%. I have to remember to switch back over before shut down though to flush any BD out of the lines under the truck to the engine. The tank it self is insulated with foil covered bubble wrap that I obtain from Home Depot. The under truck fuel lines are insulated as well. I also included ball valves to shut off engine coolant flow to heated pickup in aux tank for summer time use.

This is the fill for the auxiliary tank. The parts were obtained from a salvage yard. The pipe inside the shell had to be custom made. Sure makes filling that big tank a breeze!